Suzukoo International Permanent Makeup Academy and Training

Live and Online Permanent Makeup Training by Suzukoo

Unleash Your Potential!

Live and Online Permanent Makeup Training by SUZUKOO
Unleash Your Potential!

Permanent Makeup is an exciting, lucrative opportunity that will change your life!
Learn from anywhere with online training or live in-person PMU Academy Courses.

Our Focus

Serve the PMU Community by providing education, mentorship, building community and making things better.

Live and Online Training

At our Permanent Makeup Academy

PMU Coaching

and Mentorship

Build Community

to Support Continuous Success

Our goal is to help you become licensed and ready to begin a Permanent Makeup career in 90 days.

Quality PMU education


Shadow Eyeliner

(Experienced only)


Basic Eyeliner

(Experienced and beginners)


Lip Blush

(Experienced and beginners)



Pixel Powder
Ombre Brows

(Experienced and beginners)


Nano Hair Strokes

Nano Hair Strokes

(Experienced and beginners)


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Master PMU Artist and Instructor Makoto Suzuki has honed her skills and has won a number of trophies in international permanent makeup competitions throughout the world. Through these courses, Makoto is sharing her experiences, transferring her knowledge and skills over to you.


Your Mentor: MAKOTO

I am very passionate about teaching Permanent Makeup and helping people become successful. To become your best, I believe we must learn from PMU artists with great technical skills, and we must always search out for new educational opportunities.

When deciding on who you will learn from, get a feel for who they are as a person and take a good look at their work the finished product. Your review is very important when considering who you want to learn from and how to launch your PMU career. At Suzukoo International Permanent Makeup Academy, we provide you with structured training and the personal coaching you need to develop skills and build great confidence.  Your time is now!

Makoto’s Most Recent Achievements:

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