Nano Hair Stroke Brows

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Nano Hair Stroke Brows PMU course for experienced Artists and beginners who have completed our PMU Fundamentals Academic Training.

Learn and master the skills required to create Beautiful Pixel Ombre Powder Brows.

What you will learn in this course:

Nano Hair Stroke Brows

  • Nano Hair Stroke Brows Basics
    • Nano Hair Stroke Eyebrow Procedure, What to Expect
    • What are Hair Stroke Eyebrows?
    • Microblading vs. Micropigmentation
    • Powder vs. Hair Strokes
  • Hand Movement Training with a Mechanical Pencil
    • Hand Exercise Preparation
    • How to Hold and Sharpen the Pencil
    • Airy Strokes
    • Mono-Line Exercise
    • Push-up Line Exercise
    • C-Shape and S-Shape Lines
  • Eyebrow Hair Patterns
    • Nano Hair Strokes Pattern – A
    • Nano Hair Strokes Pattern – B
  • Device Practice on Latex
    • How to Properly Use Your PMU Device
    • PMU Device Preparation
    • How to Hold the Device
    • Line Exercises
      • Mono Lines
      • Zig-Zag Lines
      • Push-up Lines
    • Latex Work – Creating Roots & Stems Using the Push-up Technique
  • Posture & Position
  • Full Video Showing a Nano Hair Stroke Brows Session from Start to Finish.


Course Duration:  Online, learn at your own pace.